Always aiming for excellence in all areas and by constantly adapting to scientific breakthroughs, technological advances and educational changes, we have been running undergraduate and postgraduate programmes focusing on our students' needs, skills and interests.


We give emphasis on student-centred pedagogic practices at the undergraduate level while encouraging our students to participate in research programs since their earliest years of study. Great emphasis is also given to the teaching processes of laboratory courses, knowing that the laboratory constitutes the heart of chemistry. That is why, our new building is fully equipped with state of the art chemistry labs not only for researchers but also for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


To meet its teaching and research needs, the department is divided in 5 sectors. You can find out more about each division and its research highlights here:


•       Division of Physical Chemistry

•       Division of Organic Chemistry

•       Division of Inorganic Chemistry

•       Division of Environmental Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry

•       Division of Biochemistry

Postgraduate Studies


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Department of chemistry