The Division of Inorganic Chemistry deals with a number of significant areas including Bioinorganic and Materials Chemistry. Central to our approach, is the synthesis, characterization and applications of functional compounds. These main axes of research touch upon a plethora of issues ranging from bioinorganic model compounds to biomineralization, from porous materials to new nanostructures, from crystal engineering to functional metal-organic frameworks.

Our Division has a strong "synthetic" arm and is heavily involved in all kinds of inorganic syntheses ("wet" and "solid state"). We also give a great deal of attention to characterization through X-ray diffraction, Raman, FT-IR, heteronuclear NMR, UV-visible, spectro-electrochemistry, surface area and gas adsorption measurements. Lastly, significant focus is also given to a variety of applications of our novel materials, such as enzyme active site modeling, bioimimetic catalysis, energy storage, optoelectronic applications, gas storage, crystal deposition diseases, or corrosion control.


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