Department Facilities

The Department of Chemistry is based in its brand-new building located at the Voutes Campus. All teaching and most research activities are performed in this state-of-the-art facility. The remainder of research activities in the department is carried out in collaboration with other multi-disciplinary laboratories such as that of F.O.R.T.H. at walking distance from the campus.

The Department maintains a considerable number of hi-tech equipment used by the faculty members who conduct research projects of the various divisions inside the Department. Some of these facilities include x-Ray with cryosystem, NMR, EPR, UV/Visible, FTIR, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer and others.

The Spectrometry laboratory includes a Perkin-Elmer UV/Visible spectrophotometer, a Perkin-Elmer FTIR spectrometer, and a Spectromics Fluorimeter. The NMR facility includes the newly acquired 500 MHz Bruker and the 300 MHz Bruker solid state NMR spectrometers. A Departmental Committee determines the standards and practices of appropriate use and maintenance of this sensitive facility, aiming at maximum efficiency. A substantial number of researchers make use of the GC-Mass and LC-Mass Spectrometers housed and maintained by analytical faculty members of the Department. Significant others include the EPR facility with a Bruker EPR spectrometer able to handle synthetic as well as biological samples at variable temperatures. UV/Visible (Fiber Optic, Fluorescence), HPLC and FPLC instrumentation, Gas Chromatographs, Electrochemistry apparatus (Polarograph, Cyclic voltammetry, etc.) and FTIR spectrometers other than the ones already mentioned operate in faculty member laboratories. They are used for complex stopped-flow kinetics, high resolution separation and purification of synthetic and biological species as well as time resolved infrared measurements. Laser facilities exist at the FO.R.T.H. location in Stavrakia, located 500m away, and are used for chemical reaction dynamics and high resolution polymer material dynamics. Computational facilities including state-of-the-art software such as GAUSSIAN94,98, MOLPRO and NWCHEM exist for supporting Classical and Quantum Mechanical Molecular Dynamics and ab initio calculations. In addition to the above facilities the Department has access to other research facilities belonging to departments of Physics, Biology and Computer Science.

The equipment is accessible and available to all members of the Department of chemistry making research in extensively broad areas of chemistry possible. The equipment is operated routinely by students and faculty members upon thorough training. Senior graduate students and staff knowledgeable on the subject carry out specialized experiments using the equipment and handling sensitive samples.