Enzyme Technology Lab was founded in January 2018 at the Division of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Greece. Our laboratories have the infrastructure for work under Biosafety Level 1 experiments, including all standard equipment for:

  • MICROBIOLOGY - clean bench, autoclave, shakers, incubators, centrifuges etc.
  • MOLECULAR BIOLOGY - thermocycler, horizontial electrophoresis system etc.
  • ENZYME CHARACTERIZATION - vertical electrophoresis systems, thermoshakers, sonicator, FPLC etc.
  • BIOCATALYSIS AND DOWNSTREAM PROCESSING - Rotating bed bioreactor, ultrafiltration unit, rotary evaporator etc.
  • ANALYTICS - 1 Microplate spectrophotometer, 1 Microplate spectrophotofluorometer, 1 GC-FID, 1 HPLC-DAD, access to MS, XRD and NMR facilities of the department and to many more (CD, SEM, TEM, AFM, DLS etc.) via the infrastructure of the University of Crete and FORTH.


Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC 

HPLC with DAD, autosampler, degaser, column over for 2 columns and fraction collector .


Shimadzu Nexis 2030

GC with FID and autosampler.


Thermo Scientific Multifuge X4R Pro

Centrifuge for up to 4x750 mL and rotor for microplates and deep-well blocks.


Thermo Scientific Varioskan

Multimode microplate reader (absorbance, fluorescence) with dispensing unit.


Thermo Scientific Multiskan Sky

Microplate spectrophotometer with μDrop plate for DNA and protein quantification


Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp

Thermal cycler with 3 independent temperature zones.

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