Erasmus Intensive Programme
in energy conversion chemistry
from 7 to 18 of July, 2014

Chemistry Department
University of Crete
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Subjects and Topics


1st week

  • Introduction to solar cells
    Introduction to Photosynthesis
  • From Natural towards Artificial Light-harvesting Systems
  • Basics on Electron Transfer
    Light Harvesting - Molecular Wires

  • Light Harvesting - Molecular Wires
    Electron Donor Acceptor Conjugates
    Electron Donor Acceptor Hybrids
    Photophysical methods
  • Spectroscopy and Basic Principles of Photovoltaics

2nd week

  • Introduction to hydrogen production
  • Photosystem II
  • Introduction to hydrogen production
  • Introduction to PV
    Device Physics of Solar Cells
    Characterisation of solar cells
    PV modules/PV systems - performance, energy yield, monitoring, best practice
  • Dye-sensitized solar cells
    Electrolytes for DSSC
    Nano-structured metal oxide electrodes


LLP Erasmus
ntensive Programme



Hellenic National Agency, I.K.Y.

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University of Crete, Chemistry Department