Abstract Submission

Abstract submission deadline: April 10, 2020

Abstract Structure Guidelines

Abstracts will be written in English and must be in accordance with the available outlines given by the Abstract Template. Please, use the Abstract Template to complete your abstract before sending it to chemconfuoc@gmail.com. The abstract should be within 250-300 words, should be accompanied by one to five keywords, and any attached images will be reducing the word limit by 50 words . Please adhere strictly to the structure of the abstract.

Alternatively, the summary should have the following structure:

The title will be bold, leaving two lines at the top of the page and centered, with font size 16.

Directly below, the names of the authors will be presented without bold (first the name and then the last name). The presenter’s name will be underlined, and the supervisor’s name will be followed by an asterisk. Each name is expected to be accompanied by the author’s affiliations (Foundation, Department, and Sector), telephone number and e-mail.

After two blank lines, the paragraphs should begin without indentation. If there are paragraphs in the summary they should be separated by a blank line with no blank lines. Abstracts must not exceed one page.

The font will be Times New Roman, lowercase letters, font size 12 (except for the title), simple spacing and page width of 1.5 cm on all four sides. The whole text will be aligned as ‘’justified’’.

In case of abbreviations (such as analytical techniques -GC- and -2,2-bipy- molecular names) their full name should be mentioned at least once (the first time they are mentioned), with the abbreviation given in parentheses. The text should be saved in Microsoft Office Word 2007-2013 format.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please sent your abstract at chemconfuoc@gmail.com before the deadline above. Make sure that the subject of the email as well as the name of the file attached is your full name. Note: The abstract should be a (.docx) type of document - please do not sent a pdf version.