Laboratory of BioInorganic Chemistry

chemistry department


Past and Recent students PostDoctoral, PhD, Master Thesis & RS

  • SPYROULIAS Georgios
    “Biomimetic complexes with rare earth ions of porphyrinic complexes” (1989-1995), [PENED] PhD.

  • DAPHNOMILI Dimitra
    “Synthesis and study of dimeric dimetallic porphyrinic derivatives with Rhodium-Thallium and Rhodium-Indium bonds” (1992-1998), [PENED] PhD.

  • LUX Damien
    “Porphyrinic Complexes Involving Rhodium-Indium Bond, Synthesis, Physicochemical Characterization, Photo and Chemical Reactivity” (1992-1993), [Service Mulitaire en Cooperation] MSc.

  • DAVORAS Evagelos
    “Catalytic transformation of polyenic polymers with porphyrins of Manganese(III)” (1993-1999), PhD.

  • CHALBOT Marie-Cécile
    “Interactions of porphyrins and metalloporphyrins with DNA” in collaboration, University of Paris XI, (1997-2000), PhD.

  • DIAPER Richard
    “Catalytic transformation of polyenic polymers with metalloporphyrins of Chromium(III)” from Walles University UK, Research Stage [EU] (1993-1994).

  • OSINAME Ruth
    “The Epoxidation of cis-polybutadiene Catalysed by Manganese Porphyrin Complexes” from Walles University UK, Research Stage [EU] (1999).

  • TSIKALAS Giorgos
    “Porphyrinic complexes of Lanthanide series with π-π interactions (lipo andhydrophobic), synthesis and physical-chemical characterization” (1997-2001), [Bilateral with Yougoslavia] PhD.

  • GRYLLOS Leonidas
    “Design of new porphyrinic ligands able to interact with different conformations of the DNA” (1998-2001), [EPEAEK] MSc.

  • KANARAS Antonis
    “Synthesis and Physicochemical characterization of new Aluminium porphyrins” (1998-2000), [EPEAEK-Bioinorganic] MSc.

  • KEFOKERIS Kosmas
    “Functionalized porphyrinc with hydroxamic acids” (1998-2000), [EPEAEK-Bioinorganic] MSc.

  • AGONDANOU Jean-Hugues
    “Etude par Spectroscopie d’Absorption X de Systèmes π  de Grande Proximité: Complexes Porphyriniques de terres rares et des métaux lourds” in collaboration with University of Paris V [EU] (1999-2001), PhD.

    “Porphyrin Complexes in Pharmaceutical Applications” from Charles University, Research Stage, [EU] (2002-2003)

    “New cationic porphyrinic complexes on nuclease role with DNA” (2000-2003), [EPEAEK-Bioinorganic] MSc.

    from A. Mickiewicz University, 60-780 Poznan POLAND (2003) (National Fellowship) PostDoctoral.

    “Functionalized porphyrins as host molecules for organic molecules” (2001-2004), [EPEAEK-natural products] MSc.

    “Functionalized porphyrins as host molecules of large ions for therapeutic purposes” (2002-2004), [Platon] MSc.

    “Precursor complexes for cytochrome c oxidase” (2002-2005), MSc.

  • LADOMENOUKalliopi
    “Models for cytochrome c oxidase” from University of Edinburgh, UK [PYTHAGORAS] (2004-2006) PostDoctoral.

  • VANICEK Josef
    Porphyrin Complexes for PDT therapy of arteriosclerosis” from Charles University, Tchech Republic, Research Stage, [EU] (2005-2006).

    “Models for cytochrome c oxidase” (2005-2007), [Herakleitos] PhD.

    “Porphyrin Complexes as artificial nucleases for DNA or RNA mapping” (2004-2008), MSc.

  • LITSA Fotini
    “Porphyrin Complexes for PDT therapy of arteriosclerosis ” (2004-2008), MSc.

  • LUCZAK Anna
    “Precursors Porphyrin Complexes for PDT therapy” (2008), [EU] Erasmus Research Stage.

  • SKONDRA Aggeliki
    “Synthesis of new hybrid materials with modified Porphyrins for alternative energy resources”(2005-2008), MSc.

  • STAGGEL Christina
    “Synthesis of new hybrid materials with modified Porphyrins for alternative energy resources”(2007-2010), MSc.

  • ZERVAKI Galatia
    “Linked porphyrinic derivatives in coupling reactions with CNS as new light harvesting models ”(2008-2010), MSc.