NMR Laboratory

Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Greece.

The NMR lab at UoC is a partner of the FoodomicsGR National Research Infrastructure.

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Group members Theme Roomphone
Dr. Apostolos Spyros [web] [mail], Assoc. Professor Spin Master J G-207 (office) +30 2810 545085
Dr. Evangelia Ralli, [mail], PostdocCultural Heritage A223 (lab) +30 2810 545112
Ilias Tsolakoudis, [mail], M.Sc. studentMilk A223 (lab) +30 2810 545112
Michalis Kalogerakis, [mail], M.Sc. student HR-MAS, meat A223 (lab) +30 2810 545112
Myrofora Antoniou, [mail], M.Sc. student HR-MAS A223 (lab) +30 2810 545112

Welcome to our lab, located in Heraklion, on the sunny island of Crete.
Our group focuses on applications of NMR spectroscopy in analytical chemistry.
We are specifically interested in developing/applying analytical NMR methodologies in the following fields: We are happy to cooperate with several research groups, both locally, and internationally:

If you are interested in NMR spectroscopy, you are welcome to visit our lab in Crete, or drop us a line.

NMR Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
University of Crete
Voutes campus
Heraklion Crete 70013

Phone : +30 2810 545112, 545085
Fax: +30 2810 545164

Former students and members
George Kanakarakis, [mail], M.Sc. -
Dr. Efi Manolopoulou, [mail], Ph.D. -
Peppi Tukola, [mail], M.Sc. -
Maria Kalitsounaki, [mail], M.Sc. -
Sophia Tachtalidou, [mail], M.Sc.Institut de la Vigne et du Vin Jules Guyot (IUVV), University of Burgundy
Eirini Tsana, [mail], M.Sc. -
George Markakis, [mail], M.Sc.-
Dr. Maria Amargianitaki [mail], Ph.D.-
Manolis Karafas [mail], M.Sc.-
Valeria Corradetti, M.Sc.Erasmus student, University of Bologna
Dr. Effie Kartsonaki [mail], Ph.D.School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland
Sofia Sfakianaki [mail], M.Sc.-
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